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Environmental issues are sometimes overlooked in a business environment, but at the Firehall Dentist we believe that a bright future includes clean air and water – not just clean teeth!

We have deliberately invested in equipment, chosen environmentally friendly materials and products, and implemented protocols to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our office has an amalgam separator which removes any mercury or impurities from our waste water and prevents any contamination into the municipal water supply.

Instead of a traditional chemiclave that uses a toxic mixture of hot chemicals to kill germs, our office uses pressurized steam heat to sterilize without harmful vapours.

Our disinfectant spray cleaner is completely biodegradable and free of toxic phenols.

We use vinegar and water to clean our tiled floors with industrial steam mops to sterilize hard surfaces.

We are a completely digital office so there are no harmful x-ray processing chemicals or lead foil pouches found in traditional films.

Rechargeable batteries are used in much of our equipment.

We participate in the municipal recycling program to sort and recycle plastics and glass.  All fine paper is shredded and recycled.

We have a heat recovery system in the office which traps and reuses heat from our equipment to provide all the necessary warmth to heat our entire office during the winter months.

All of the lightbulbs in our office are compact flourescent or energy efficient LED and we have our exterior lights on timers that are seasonally adjusted to minimize electrical waste.

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