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Our office staff is pleased to facilitate your visit to the Firehall Dentist.  From setting up convenient appointment times, helping you navigate through insurance claims, to friendly reminder calls for your upcoming visits, it is always our pleasure to help. Our hygienists are professional, experienced, meticulous and gentle.  They always strive to customize your treatment to suit your specific needs.  Prevention is the cornerstone of our office and your oral health and overall well-being are our top priority.  Everyone has busy lives and we will never lecture you or blame you for not being a “perfect flosser”.  From our perspective, we are happy you have made the time to visit our office and we will find creative and practical ideas to help keep your mouth healthy.  By working together, being respectful, and providing genuine customized treatment, patients feel in control of their appointments and their health.  Many of our patients have adopted a more frequent cleaning interval and have found that regular cleanings become comfortable and (dare we say) enjoyable!  We offer a team approach to your dental health and look forward to helping all of our patients, young and old, achieve and maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles. Each of the certified dental assistants at the Firehall Dentist receive ongoing training to ensure your dental treatment is carried our with the most modern equipment combined with trusted, proven techniques to provide comfortable, safe and stress-free outcomes.  You will never feel pressured into major treatment or stressed about not being in control of your visit.  Let us take care of you with a cozy blanket, your favourite music with headphones from a playlist on our mp3 player, perhaps a movie on Netflix or a warm, moist facial towel to freshen up with at the end of your visit.  We look forward to greeting you warmly at your next visit to our wonderful practice.

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