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Reasons to smile and be thankful (even during a pandemic)

It’s has been a very uncertain 18 months since the start of pandemic. As dentists, we had the worrisome job of looking into unmasked mouths, while creating spray and splatter. In the beginning, we really were not sure about how covid spread or how to protect ourselves 100% . Masks, shields, gowns, barriers, air purifiers and gallons of hand sanitizer later we have found the routine that balances health and safety with providing important services and care for our cherished patients.

Despite all the stress and worry, we found lots of reasons to smile during the pandemic.

  1. Our patients continued to trust us with their care and we valued their visits to the office so much. Seeing people face to face, sharing stories, struggles and hopes made all of feel a little less alone. Thanks for making us smile.
  2. We were so grateful to have a job to come to every day. A sense of purpose and routine gave us all joy and made us smile.
  3. Expanding our job description to include ‘counsellor’ opened up great dialogues with people coming to the office. Some people just wanted to spend time with another human. We listened to stories and insights from our patients and found comfort in the shared human experience. Sharing a laugh and a smile eased a lot of the worry and loneliness.
  4. Children are the eternal optimists. The ease with which they have adapted to wearing masks, virtual school and zooming with their friend has shown us all the resilience of the spirit. The smiles they brought to our office were like a dose of sunshine on a stormy day.
  5. I am thankful I live in Canada, where I believe that all of us have worked hard to keep those who are most vulnerable as safe as possible. This altruism and sense of moral connectedness makes me so proud of our nation.
  6. The people I work with have really proved themselves as essential workers. Keeping people healthy and comfortable while supporting their dental needs despite personal health risks makes the whole office team “HEROS” in my eyes.

So those are a few of the reasons I am thankful and I continue to smile. One day we will look back and realize the everyday acts of kindness and thoughtfulness are the reasons we all came out the other side, wiser and more appreciative of everything we used to take for granted. Keep smiling.

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