4 Barton Street, Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H0

What sets us apart?


Our commitment to the best dentistry possible. We know life has enough stresses. Dentistry does not need to be one of them. Each and every member of our office is dedicated to working with you to deliver a positive, individualized experience and high quality treatment. Each person is unique. We all have different goals. Our job is to give you options and choices while involving you in each aspect of your care. No lectures here. No pressure to accept treatment. We are happy to provide information, honest discussions and education so YOU can choose what is best for you. Ultimately, we want you to be healthy, happy, and comfortable with your smile. With the right tools, tips, education, nutrition and routines, we hope you can maintain your teeth and smile to last a lifetime.” -Dr. Stephen Dyment.

Most of us pick an office through the recommendation of a friend, a convenient location and hours or an appealing social media presence. These are all important factors but we also want to give you some concrete reasons why choosing our team to take care of you is the right one.


    1. We treat our patients like friends and family. We are ‘people people’. You just can’t fake that. Our patients feel like they are coming home when they come for an appointment. We laugh a lot. We listen a lot. We respect and celebrate differences and diversity. From the youngest to the oldest…we are here for you.


    1. The Firehall Dentist was built with the sole intention of being exceptional. Over the years we have continually invested in the very best technology and upgrades to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients and staff. These include water purification and filtration systems, Surgically clean air quality treatment, monitored and verified sterilization systems, state of the art digital technology and top-notch European dental equipment. We don’t skimp on anything.


    1. Our doctors and hygienists are consistent. We are not a big corporate chain with a team of members that is always changing. We are a group of people who practice together because we share the same philosophy of excellence in patient service, comfort, care and education. Building relationships with our patients is a huge part of what we do. Most of our staff have been with us for over a decade. Many of our patients have also grown with our office since the very beginning. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We know what works. We want things to last. We want you to have the tools to keep healthy. Experience counts!


    1. Digital x-ray technology. Minimal radiation with maximal visualization. Respecting your wishes and preferences regarding when to take and when not to take radiographs is also part of our culture.


    1. Relaxation and entertainment. We are pleased to provide Netflix, free Wi-Fi, cozy freshly laundered blankets, memory foam head rest pillows, hot scented face towels, iPod musical selections with personal noise cancelling headphones and a commitment to customizing our care to suit your needs. We also provide laughing gas or oral sedative options for children or those who might need a little extra help to relax.


    1. Precision dentistry. We use high-power magnification when working in your mouth to deliver precision care.


    1. Clean, clean clean. We are clean freaks. Our office is immaculate. (if we do say so ourselves!) Bright lighting, big windows, premium sterilization, completely compliant with Covid-19 treatment regulations. We are also big on clean teeth, but you would expect that! We employ a dedicated staff member whose sole responsibility is to ensure 100% sterilization and verification of every instrument, tool , treatment cassette and handpiece. Everything is stored in sterile pouches and opened when you arrive, just for you.


    1. Patient education. We want to give you to tools, information, nutritional suggestions and education to empower you to keep things healthy. Nobody wants a lecture about flossing. We are not about that. Our goal is to help you help yourself. The mouth is the gateway to the entire body. The air you breath and the food and drinks you consume all pass through the mouth. We incorporate oral cancer screening into every appointment. Health begins here.


    1. We are part of the community. We live locally, shop locally, play locally, hike locally. We support the charities, events, schools, teams, and churches that make up our community. We are invested in our neighbourhood and are happy to be part of the fabric that makes Waterdown , Carlise and Flamborough feel like home.


    1. If you’ve made it all the way to #10, thanks for sticking with us! All in all, we are nice people, working hard to provide you with a great dental experience in a modern facility with a friendly culture. That just about sums it up! Hope to see you at The Firehall Dentist. Keep smiling

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