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I know I can do better!

Here we are, another week has passed by so fast i didn't even realize and almost forgot to update myself. I am doing pretty well with this diary thing. Even though i may not be the best and may not have the most interesting life or things to talk about, it's nice to let out all my stresses and thoughts here.

This week has been a busy week. Since i am and i'm guessing we all are studying for the exams that are a few weeks away. I have about a week and half before my final exams for this semester, this year! HOLY COW, this year has flew by. It's almost Halloween, then comes the Melbourne cup, and then comes Christmas. It's going to fly by and then New year Resolutions are created. It's exciting!

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To be honest with you i have been slacking a little in the studying department. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth. I haven't been doing very well with studying for the exams. I procrastinate so much it's not even funny. If there's something i don't like doing i will try and do it and try make myself do it but any longer than 10 minutes i am doing something else. Not good. But i promise this week i will knuckle down and get myself more prepared than i would be without doing some study. A little is better than nothing.. Right?

I have had a busy and stressful week. There we're a few problems with some stuff and a slightly big mistake that i made that made me feel useless, made me feel vulnerable and incapable of performing tasks that aren't even that hard. But the mistake has been made and the damage has been done and i am trying to do my best to solve this problem. All these decisions that i have to make i don't even know where to start. All the what ifs. All the possible failures. They are there lingering. Although through this mistake and all this trouble i caused i have learnt something. A very special person that i look up to has told me that day where i was feeling the worst that " It's okay. Life isn't over. Just calm down, take a breather and think things through. Don't rush. Just look at the options of what you CAN do and stop thinking about all the negativity that always follows with these problems, because life will go on and this will be a minor mistake to your future. You learnt your lesson. Be patient. " I will work harder. I promise.

Last thing i wanted to talk about is my 1 month goal that i have created that begins tomorrow. I am going to knuckle down and not give in to temptations with my diet, fitness and health. I have created a plan for myself and i hope that i stick to it. This 1 month journey starter starts on the 20th of OCT to the 16th of NOV. I AM COMMITTED.

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