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Low carb (Atkins, Dukan), low fat, Paleo, intermittent fasting, tea detox. No matter which diet you choose, they all employ slightly different tricks to achieve the same thing: reducing the number of calories you are eating. The problem is that while many of these are super successful at achieving weight loss in the short term, they may not be so effective at maintaining that weight loss over the long term.

There is no magic diet that will make the weight just fall off and you can almost guarantee that if someone promises they can make you lose 20 kgs in 4 weeks with no effort all they are probably serving up is a big bowl full of bullshit. The fact of the matter is that all diets are basically the same at their heart: in order to lose weight an individual need to eat less, move more or a combination of the two.

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Research has shown a large proportion of dieters, some studies have estimated over 75%, regain some or all of the weight they have lost once they are no longer on the diet. As someone who has ridden the yo-yo diet roller coaster for too long, I can definitely relate!

Why don't diets work?

1. Many diets are too restrictive, expensive or inconvenient for long term adherence.
I don't know about you, but I find the preparation and forethought required to stick to any number of popular diets very cumbersome. Sometimes you just want to to go out with friends and be able to order off the menu or enjoy some party treats instead of snacking on a baggy of hard boiled eggs. Sometimes the idea of paying $50 a kilo for grass-fed steak or $40 a day for meal replacement shakes is just a bit rich. Labeling foods as forbidden can also lead you to binge on those exact foods. By not allowing yourself to have small amounts, the cravings can build until you lose all self control and consume far too much.

Most of us will come to a point where we have just had jack of it and go off plan. The more restrictive a diet, the more likely and further off plan you are likely to go.In my case, this type of behaviour lead to an eating disorder.

2. Prolonged reduced caloric intake can result in hormonal shifts that result in higher than normal appetite.
Research from the University of Melbourne has suggested that when people go on prolonged low calorie diets their brain releases increased levels of ghrelin, our hunger hormone, and lower levels of leptin, our hunger suppressing and metabolism boosting hormone, for up to a year after the diet ends. This means that participants felt hungrier and consumed more for a significant period even after they went back to normal eating, regaining most of the weight they lost on the diet.

So if diets don't work, how do I lose weight and keep it off?
Unfortunately, there is no easy solution (if there was no one would be overweight), but realistically any diet that sounds too good to be true probably is. When it comes to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight, slow and steady wins the race. Dont get me wrong, if you want to lose weight you will most likely need to eat less than you are now, but this does not mean you need to go on some extreme diet that cuts out all the food you love.

I am a big fan of the idea of flexible dieting where no foods are considered off limits. The majority of your week should be made up of healthy whole grains, full fat dairy, animal proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruit, but if you feel like a treat or have a special occasion coming up, you are free to enjoy those. One bad meal won't make you fat, just as one good meal won't make you lean. Even small changes such as having dessert a few less times a week or reducing your portion sizes by 25% can have you well on your way.

In conclusion, the best diet is one that you can maintain happily. Food (or the lack thereof) shouldn't be a punishment. Each individual needs to experiment with all the information that is out there and find what works for them in the long term. If that happens to be Atkins, Paleo or whatever, then more power to you, but for most of us we need something a bit more flexible.

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