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New med eribulin, has proved to increase survival rates by 20% in patients with metastatic breast cancer. This research was recently published in the medical journal Lancet, and according to experts whom work in this field of medication, they say this drug is the largest breakthrough drug against metastatic breast cancer that has been developed in the last ten years.

This new drug is an anti-microtubule chemotherapy that attacks the cancerous tumor, blocking cell division and generating compounds that are poisonous to cancer cells. This drug is synthesized from a marine sponge of the Halichondria Okadai, which is very common in Japanese waters.

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This study was conducted with 762 patients from 140 hospitals in 20 different countries, including 55 patiens from Spanish oncology services.

This new drug eribulin has already been marketed in the U.S. for a number of months now and is undergoing approval by the European Medicines Agency this summer. In addition to the high survival rates of 20%, this new drug against breast cancer has very low toxicity compared to the many drugs fighting against cancers. This drug produces little or no fatigue or musculoskeletal pain and does not provoke hair loss.

24,000 new cases of breast cancers are diagnosed in Spain every year. 5% of these cases are in an advanced stage and have already metastasized. The remaining 95% of cases of breast cancers detected, 20-30% end up in a metastasis which means that a number of patients could truly benefit from this breakthrough med.

Breast cancer is increasing in diagnoses numbers. However, mortality rates have gone down due to advances in treatment and early detection. Over 4,000 women die every year from this disease in Spain, and over 250,000 women around the world are affected by this disease.

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