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Our Eczema Story

At five months, Lily my second, started looking very red and blotchy, nothing seemed to keep her skin moisturized and her nappy area especially suffered, my old remedy of Vaseline at every nappy change just didn't seem to dent the dryness.

After taking her to the doctor he said, looks like eczema and prescribed some steroid cream and a routine of moisturizing. I tried this for a while, returning to my GP a number of times and although it was slightly improving, other patches kept cropping up and by the time she turned one, her skin would peel off in sheets. Her arms and legs where raw and I was in a cycle of itchy, red, raw, dry scab, scratch scab, back to raw, all the time trying, changing her diet, removing all the mats in the house, getting rid of curtains, probiotics, fish oil, various bath oils, some very expensive creams I had to stop working job because Lily couldn't cope, daycare although they we're trying their best nothing any of us was doing was making a dent.

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I was at my lowest, I felt like I had been struck a huge blow, this baby was covered from her toes to her hair line in red sores, often bleeding, I had to bandage her up just to stop her from scratching even more. She looked terrible, she was always crying and whining and I couldn't put her down, she cried all the time. At night she was up every 3-4 hours, I was at my wits end.

I took her to an immunologist to see whether if there was something we could change to help her, and it was then It was suggested we should see a dermatologist. Turned out there was nothing affecting her, she had no allergies, she just had nasty eczema, poor thing!

Dr S, she was amazing, she fitted us in quickly and was no nonsense, laid it all out for me, baths twice a day, wet wrapping, advantan, and lots of ointment 5 times a day. There, was also the anti-biotic creams for the sores, but overall I left with a plan. That plan has turned our lives around, right now I don't have to wet wrap every night, just when it starts to flare up and we are using less and less advantan, she is a happy and well sleeping 2 year old. Yes she has some red spots and some areas that may or may not be scarred for life but overall where we are now is nothing compared to a year and a half ago!

One of the best parts, besides her being happy and bubbly, people have stopped coming up to us when we are out and asking what's wrong with her. They almost always have a treatment. I am still tempted for those bad days, to get t-shirts printed up which say something like it's just eczema, no we don't need your advice.

We still see Dr S, every three months for a check up and anything odd that's going on with her skin but overall it's not too bad. Her support and advice has really been so much more to me, I was made to feel that I wasn't doing enough and if I would only do what I was being told and worked a bit harder at it, she would be cured, but Dr S has shown me that that is completely unrealistic, she has encouraged me, congratulated me and recognized my efforts when no one else did. Sometimes you just need someone to feel that someone is on your side. I also joined the eczema association and have found out many valuable tips from other mums.

Now when people ask what should they do if their kids have eczema, I always say see a dermatologist, and then an immunologist and join the eczema association for those little tidbits the professionals don't tell you.

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