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What our wonderful patients have to say about the Firehall Dentist

“I have been a patient of the Firehall Dentists for a few years and it has been amazing! The staff are cheerful and helpful. I have always found Dr. Kunze and Dr. Dyment to be very skilled and knowledgeable. I recall a time when I was in need of emergency care and Dr. Kunze accommodated me immediately. I would highly recommend this dental practice to both family and friends. Thank you for your ongoing great care.” 
“An absolutely caring group of people that take care of all of your dental needs. You are welcomed right from the time you enter the office. All of the staff, hygienists, dentists are the best in their fields and they truly care about your car and comfort. My family has been going for years and we have always felt as though we are part of the Firehall Dentist family as well. You guys are the best!!”
“I have been a patient at the Firehall Dentist for years, and they never disappoint! My family and I always receive top notch treatment. They have recently completed a renovation, just beautiful! The same top of the line equipment, with more space. The staff are always friendly and go above and beyond for the patients. I never hesitate referring friends to this wonderful practice.” 
“Finding a dentist in a new country can be a daunting task, but the moment I walked through the door at Firehall Dentist in Waterdown I felt confident I had chosen the right practice. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the consulting rooms, bright, airy, modern and spotless. Dr. Stephen Dyment saw me punctually, was patient, professional and formulated a treatment plan which took all my concerns into account. I can highly recommend Dr. Dyment and his team for their exceptional dental care.”
“My children love coming to The Firehall Dentist because of the friendly staff to the overflowing treat box. From the moment you walk in the office it is inviting and the toy Dalmatians are always a hit. I would recommend The Firehall Dentist to any family looking for a happy dental experience.” 
“Stephen Dyment is a most positive, professional, caring and kind dentist. Our family has been going to him for more than 20 years. If there is a problem, he makes a concerted effort to solve it. It may be as simple as showing how to brush teeth differently or having a procedure done to save the gums. We are very thankful to Stephen for saving our teeth.” 
“I have spent the first half of my life being terrified and extremely anxious during dental procedures. That is no longer the case since moving to the Firehall Dentist. In the short time since coming to Dr. Dyment I have required a significant amount of serious dental work. His professional, reassuring chair side manner as well as his dental techniques are second to none; it is the perfect combination. The patient always comes first, making sure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about the procedure both prior and during. At my last visit I actually noticed I wasn’t tense, but calm and relaxed. I still do not want to have dental work, who does, but at least I no longer dread it. Thank you Dr Dyment.” 
“My family and I have have been going to the Firehall Dentist for many years, and all of us, right down to my three year-old grand-daughter just love going there.  Even my grown children who have moved away come back to Waterdown because you could not find a more dedicated and nicer staff or better dentists than Stephen Dyment or Heidi Kunze.  Dr. Dyment is my particular dentist and he is a gentle man in every sense of the word.  He is meticulous with his work and takes care in explaining what he is doing and perfecting each procedure.  I have perfect confidence in his exceptional skill and can honestly say that he is one of the kindest people that I have ever met. Thank-you Firehall Dentists and staff for being the absolute best there is!” 
Jennifer, patient since 1995 
“My wife and I are both seniors and we have been patients at the Firehall Dentist for 13 years.  My wife used to be so nervous that she neglected her mouth for many years.  After her first visit at the Firehall, she was like a new person, and over the years she has re-gained her smile and now enjoys the comfort and peace of mind that comes from having a healthy mouth and teeth.  Thank you all for your patience and ongoing care and kindness for so many years.  We always feel like important members of your dental family when we come to your office.  Thanks for your ongoing excellent care.” 
Orville, patient since 1995 
“My family likes to come to the Firehall Dentist because they are professional, friendly and understanding of your needs and beliefs.  The office is extremely clean and professionally decorated.  The staff makes everyone from adults to young children feel comfortable.  My kids like watching the movies if they have a filling, and the laughing gas has been very popular.  The ritual of visiting the treat room to pick out treasures and prizes is always a highlight of the appointment.  We always feel welcome at the Firehall Dentist and the warm and homey environment is something you don’t come across everyday.” 
Doug, patient since 1997 
“The first time I heard Dr. Heidi’s laughter I knew I had found the right dentist!  Thanks for making my visits so enjoyable and for making me feel like so much more than just another patient!  I think of my dentist as a friend.” 
Karen, patient since 1994 

“All I can say is “Thanks for my beautiful new smile”.  I never knew how much my outlook, confidence and  personality were linked to my smile.  I feel terrific.  I look great!  I owe it all to you.  I love you guys.” 
Marg, patient since 1997 
“Now I know why all the kids in the neighbourhood look forward to visiting the dentist.  Your approach with children is truly exceptional.  The explanations and encouragement you offer help the the kids to feel like special people.  The laughing gas, movies, little stories you tell and all the positive reinforcement you give make the appointments so smooth.  No wonder my little girl looks forward to coming back.  Thanks for creating those empowering first experiences which I am sure my kids will carry with them into adulthood.” 
Mike, patient since 2003 
“Thanks so much for introducing me to veneers.  I just turned 50 and I feel like I have never looked better.  You made everything so easy and comfortable.  I love my new smile.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 
Claudette, patient since 1995 
“Our family (my husband and two boys ages 6 and 8 at the time) moved to Waterdown in 1995 and were lucky enough to be accepted as patients with the Firehall Dentist family.  Dr. Dyment and Dr. Kunze had just opened their new practice and since then the practice has grown exponentially.  Despite the growth, they have never lost that small-town feel, the friendly rapport, or the personal approach that made them so popular in the first place.  As dental patients we have always been treated with friendly and professional service.  The staff at the Firehall have continued to treat and advise us on many dental procedures.  No matter what our needs, the whole team has worked diligently and professionally to meet them. 
Katherine,  patient since 1995 
“When we visit the Firehall Dentist for our dental appointments it is like visiting good friends.  We appreciate the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere on our visit to the Firehall Dentist and have no anxieties or fear about our visits.  As a parent, it is so comforting to know that my girls enjoy the dentist, even if they have to have a filling done, it is not a source of worry for them.  Their biggest concern is deciding what movie to watch on the ceiling, or choosing a special treat from the treasure box.  We feel so fortunate to have our dental care provided by the good people at the Firehall” 
Christine, patient since 2002 
“Such amazing, friendly and caring staff. I would recommend this to anyone looking. Thank you for always being there and for all you have done to make me feel at ease!” 
Gerda, patient since 2014 
“Going to the dentist – especially for things other than a cleaning – are certainly on the bottom of my list of things I’d like to do in a day, however, when there’s work to be done, I have to say that Dr. Stephen Dyment and his staff at the Firehall Dentist are amazing! He knows exactly how to put my anxiety at ease with his kind, caring and gentle ways. More than once, the anxiety has got in the way of me making it to the dentist but every time I drag myself in there, I’m always thankful I went. Dr. Dyment and his staff go over and above to ensure with their care to create as comfortable an experience as possible which definitely allows me to know I’m in good hands. Couldn’t give this group of amazing people a higher recommendation! Thank you Firehall Dentist!” 
Carol, patient since 2005 
“It’s like a spa. A spa for teeth. Not that I would know for sure having never been to a spa. But great to be around people happy to see me, enjoy some great conversation and calming music with no one judging my performance like most other days of the week. It’s no wonder I’ve been a patient here for so many years. Shout out to Andrea – you’re the best!” 
Michael, patient since 1994
“Thank you for being the most amazing dentist ever! We will miss you as we start our new life in PEI!” 
Ed & Marlene, patients since 1996 
“I have always been really impressed with the inviting, patient-centred approach by staff. What are your goals? Are you comfortable? Would you like a blanket? What questions do you have? This on top of warmth, humor, personal attention and excellent care. Recently, Dr. Dyment restored my front teeth. For a long time I had been self-conscious and disappointed in the appearance of my front teeth. I was hoping for an improvement and Dr. Dyment gave me a transformation! He restored my 3 front teeth and the results are amazing – my teeth look and feel so natural. Thank you Dr. Dyment, Cindy, Michelle and team for your great care and my new smile!” 
Michelle, patient since 2014 
“I have been a patient of The Firehall Dentist for nearly 20 years, and I continue to visit them since moving out the area. The dentists, their team of hygienists, and front office staff are all incredibly friendly. I appreciate seeing their familiar faces with each visit”
Krista, patient since 1999

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